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Raj Kiran – Ajith’s Father

February 25, 2007

Ajith after a complete rest has resumed the shoot of Greedam. Sources say, ajith shoot for scenes without stunt sequence as he is adviced by the doctors to stop acting wild for next few months. Probably Ajith will finish the stunt sequences by May and the movie is expected to hit the day of light by July.

The interesting information about this movie is, Raj Kiran acts as Ajith’s father adorned with Tight Jean and T-shirt. He is cast in the role of an upright police officer.

All the movies of Raj Kiran are hit where he plays a father of young heroes. The same formula will work out here aswell.

We are gonna see Raj Kiran in a new mould in Greedam.

Source: Cinefundas


Rajkiran as Ajith’s father

February 21, 2007

february 21, 2007

After doing ‘Thavamaai Thavamirundhu,’ Rajkiran made a decision not to do bad guy roles.

Because of this, he lost many opportunities. He turned down the offer to do the villain role in ‘Sivaji’ which is now being done by Suman.

Rajkiran is acting now in ‘Muni’ and ‘Kireetam.’ In the latter, he plays Ajith’s father, a police officer. The role is suitable for his decision to do good guy roles only.

While the rest of the policemen run away in fear of the local goondas, Rajkiran catches one of them and thrashes him up in the middle on the road. In retaliation, the chief goonda beats up Rajkiran and Ajith steps in to attack the goonda.

In the original Malayalam version, Tilakan did the role being done by Rajkiran. Since shooting is going on at a fast pace, it could well be released soon.

Source: Cinesouth