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Kireedom director’s interview

June 16, 2007

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Ajith Gives Full Freedom: Director Vijay

May 18, 2007

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Rajini is my role model – Ajith

May 1, 2007


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Exclusive Ajith press meet – Information! – part2

April 30, 2007

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Exclusive Ajith press meet – Information! – part1

April 30, 2007

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Exclusive Interview with Mr.Suresh Balaji by AFE.

April 24, 2007

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April 15, 2007

GV Prakash in an  interview to SURYAN FM, spoke about about Kireedom!

He said he brought percussionists from other states and specialists in guitar and drums for some of the  BGM!

He seems to be very confident on Kireedom audio. He said he has composed music for four movies – evano varuvan , one danush and one simbu movie and kireedam, out of all kireedam has come extraordinary!!

EDITOR’s NOTE: I didn’t hear this interview, This is taken from ORKUT.

Fast food interview

April 6, 2007

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"They are also humans" Ajith exclaims!

March 16, 2007

It is more “Amarkalam” than the Ennore Duraimugam case. The people of North Chennai Coast Kuppams had collected in large numbers. They were shouting slogans like “Thala…Thala…Thala…”, the crowds response for Thala was full of Kala Kala Kala, so we also became one along with the crowd. A few distance away, with youthful, jubiliant and with “Attakaasam”, Ajith was doing fighting stunts. According to Corporate rules, Mumbai Adlabs being into Cinema production along with our Sujatha Cine Arts produced movie “Kireedom”, the scene was of exciting Action-cum-Climax.

There were 10 rowdys who came charging in front, and Ajith who came running with speed and fighting them without any dupes, Ajith is full of Youth and Enthusiasm.

During the breaks, Ajith saw us and asked us “Hello Boss! How are you doing?” and greeted us. “Okay Boss. You know my Policy. I shouldn’t talk much. Only my movies will do the talking and this is my decision. WORK MORE, TALK LESS. You said this to me before. That’s why I have cut down on my talks. Otherwise, “Kireedom” has shaped up very well. It is a Romance, Comedy filled Jolly movie. I have spoken a lot. So, if you want to know anything more, then please talk to our Director Vijay. We will meet later”, Ajith said these and started going.

Debut Director Vijay explained the what are the next shoots to be done and came.

“It is a very emotional, action, romance filled natural story – it will be like seeing “next door family” with a moving lively story. Generally, all will have a life ambition to become like this, like that, with big big dreams in their minds. If that is not achieved, through their children, they would like to get it achieved and that wish will be there in all the fathers. In the same way, Father Rajkiran, will have a desire to see his son Ajith, on how he is going to shapes his son’s life. Will this desire get fulfilled? This has been shown with emotions.

Ajith is a job searching youth with the name “Shakthivel”. Trisha is the Rousu Party, College Studying student. The “Lub-Dub chemistry” between these two has worked out superly. Surely, romance scenes between these two will be a trend-setter. This will be a new type of love in tamil cinema with the lovers clashing and dashing in the signals and turning into a jam in the Mottai Maadi (Open Terrace) area. For the first time, Trisha has also done comedy superbly. The slapstick comedy which she has done will make you laugh with your stomach shaking.

Truly, Ajith is the one who has managed all the burdens and acted in Kireedom. He looks smart and cute all through out the film and has shined very well. I am a new director and all the directors like me should get Ajith, that is my desire.

From the first day itself, when I went to tell the story, He made me to sit, he himself served the food to me, all these things made me very happy and breathless.

Ajith hesitates to show out his good things by saying its his own personal things, whatever it is, during any time, the one thing which he doesn’t hesitate to show is the RESPECT and AFFECTION TO ALL (Manidhabimanam). One fight scene. This fight has to be done in the rains. That time it was cold. Due to that, I asked to get Hot Water for Ajith and I said to pour it on him and act. He took the Hot Water and poured it on him, after that, he asked the other fighters to come. Then for all of them, one by one, from his own hands, he poured the Hot Water on them. “They are also like we humans. Cold and Hot are one and the same for the Poor and the Rich. They won’t change according to the person. If it is cold for me, for them also it will be the same. With our difficulties atleast, we should try to understand others difficulties. Even though our minds forget to see these many time, but when we see it, we shouldn’t go as if unnoticed!” said Ajith. At that place itself, he broke the secret of star value which we were seeing it with astonishment.” Vijay said these with emotions and astonishment and was getting ready for the shoots.

Ajith got backpain – very serious, news got started? Reporters ask

“Those were all started. It was an ordinary backpain. We told Ajith that we can postpone the shooting if we want. “No. Because of me no one should get affected” said Ajith. Inspite of this, I only told to pack-up. Next second day itself, Ajith came back with more enthusiasm than before. Without any dupes, Ajith did the fight scenes with smashing excellence. “This is Ajith. This is the Truth” said Ajith.

After the break, again Ajith came back to the spot, that time only Trisha came. By saying “Hi Pulsar”, Trisha gave a affectionate look to Ajith. “What look? Did you eat? What is it if you give a look like this in top gear?” Ajith said these with a grill. The spot came to life with Kala Kala.

Okay what is this Pulsar? After saying this Ammani is giving like that type of look….we asked as usual

“Oh…that one! In the film, Trisha chases me and loves. For that only, our director Vijay has given a pet name for Trisha as Pulsar” said Ajith by glancing his eyes.

We started by saying “Our pulse only increases by seeing the Pulsar”.

Picture 1 caption – What a glance, your glance (enthan paarvai, unthan paarvai)
Picture 2 caption – Don’t speak while going by bike (Vandiyil pogumpothu paesavae koodadhu)
Picture 3 caption – I have told what is your pet name know (Unnoda pattap paeyar ennaennanu sollitaenla)
Picture 4 caption – Are you disappointed that I didn’t pour Hot Water on you? (Unakku vennir oothalaiyennu varuthamma?)

NOTE: This is the translation of the original Kumudam article which appeared in Tamil, the translation wasn’t done by me, but by friend leosimha, a Ajith fan.

Source: Kumudham Edition dated 21.3.2007