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Prabhu Deva to direct Ajith?

June 4, 2007

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Ennai Kaayappaduthiyavargal : Gokulam Kathir

May 29, 2007


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[Source: Gokulam Kathir] 

News About Thala In VeeraKesari [Srilankan Newspaper]

May 27, 2007

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A reader had requested a translation of the article, I have translated the first part and I am going to publish it. The second relevant part from the second image will follow soon.

Translation of image 1:


Dear Moena,

I have noticed for a long time, about your views on framing up Rasigar Mandrams. My view is that, each fan can have a rasigar mandram for his or her favorite actors, I find no wrong in it. Even Veerakesari has some pages allocated to give news on Tamil Cinema. If there is no Kesari Cinema then there will be no job for Moena.

All the people who act in Tamil Cinema aren’t good. However, single rice from a pot is enough to judge the content of the Pot. Like wise, some actors are good, one such person is Actor Ajith Kumar.

In reality, people like me can’t be idle seeing “Thala”, being pulled down. Because Actor Ajith, without any cinema background has grown up on the base of his own talents, and Because of lakhs of fans like me.

Moreover, Ajith has converted his Rasigar Mandrams as Rasigar Narpanni Mandrams. He realizes that the same problems he faces are faced by every other person. Only Ajith can equal himself in helping others and keeping silent about it. I welcome his fans on formulating an “Ajith Narpani mandram” for such a person.

Thala pola Varuma.

Siva, from France.

Translation of image 2 will be coming soon.

Thanks to VMS Anandh for pointing out these articles for us.

May 27: Kuriviyar Badil

May 27, 2007

[Source: Dinathanthi]

Daddy Ajith

May 26, 2007

It is known to everyone that, love blossomed between Ajith and Shalini when they were shooting for the film Amarkalam directed by Charan.

Later in the year 2000 Ajith and Shalani entered wedlock. After 7 years Shalini is now 4 months pregnant. Ajith who is in Malaysia shooting for Billa, after knowing the happy news rushed to Chennai to see his wife Shalini.

Later he retuned to Malaysia. Ajith’s fans are also in a jubilant state knowing the news. They are bursting crackers and distributing sweets to celebrate the happiness.

[Source: TamilFilmRatings]

Actor Ajith’s wife, Shalini is pregnant.

May 26, 2007

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[Source: Dinathandthi]

Appa Agirar Ajith!

May 26, 2007

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[Source: Dinakaran]

Ramesh Kanna Speaks about Ajith on Jaya TV

May 23, 2007

On May 22, 2007, in Stars Ungaludan program in Jaya Tv at 9:30 pm IST, Director & Comedian Ramesh Kanna was the chief guest. He Spoke about THALA . Here is the video.

The Quality of the video is not good, please bear with us.

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Ajith’s Birthday Special in Sri Lankan Newspaper

May 22, 2007

This special wishes news came in a Sri Lankan paper called “VEERA KESARI

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Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar

May 8, 2007

We had posted a article titled “A Good Crown Indeed“, written on Kireedom by Booki of “Zephyr Friends“, In that article he/she had promised this:

the next week topic would be “talking about his/her favourite star” if the poll favours…I will surely write about him, why I like him…dont worry…very short and crisp… 😉

He did keep up his/her promise but apparently couldn’t keep the article short and crisp as said. That comes as no surprise as their is so much to talk about our Thala.

I would have put the whole article over here, as it was so good. But it would be stealing the credit away from Booki and Zephyr friends, so as usual I will link to this wonderful write up, come lets read “Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar


In his post script Booki had thanked Ajith fans for linking to his article, in fact it is we who have to thank Booki for writing about our Thala, being a neutral fan Booki claims to be. I Thank you on Behalf of Ajith fans for writing the previous article and the current one.