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`Kireedom` gets ready!

March 26, 2007

Ajit and Trisha are back again in Suresh Balaji produced “Kireedom” directed by debutant A.L.Vijay. The film is an action based family entertainer which will give a new look to Ajit’s image.

Ajit plays an ordinary young man who loves his family and aspires to be a police officer. Trisha plays his love interest and is a college student. The film has music by G.V.Prakash the young music director and nephew of A.R.Rahman. He has shot to fame with some melodious numbers in Veyil. In “Kireedom’ there are five songs.

Raj Kiran and Ajit had a tremendous rapport during the shoot in Vizag, which is said to be the highlight of the film. “Kireedom” is set in a small town somewhere in Tamilnadu. Most parts of the film were shot in Rajamundry, Vizag & Chennai and almost 60 percent of the film is complete. Choreography is by Dinesh, editing is by Antony and Camera is by Thiru. The songs are crooned by noted singers Sonu Nigam, Sadhana Sargam, Shankar Mahadevan and Swetha Mohan.

The story is based on father-son sentiments and Saranya plays Ajit’s mom in the film. Ajay Kumar a new guy from Hyderabad plays the deadly villain. Raj Kiran plays Ajit’s loving dad who is an upright and honest policeman. His biggest dream is to see his son wear the police uniform and they are best of friends.

Ajit has completed the entire shoot, except some minor patchwork of the film. Today, he is a complete professional, who hardly talks but delivers. It is almost certain that Kireedam will release on May 1, Ajit’s birthday. The producers Suresh Balajee and Adlabs are happy that they could wrap up such a big project in less than three months. The buzz is that Kireedam may turn out to be a big hit, as it has the right mix of entertainment and family sentiments.



Kireedom – Ajith comes all guns blazing

March 21, 2007

Ajith will have his Kireedom release this summer amidst huge expectations. Directed by debutant AL Vijay, the film stars Ajith, Trisha, Vivek, Saranya, Cochin Haneefa and Raj Kiran in significant roles. Inspired by a blockbuster Malayalam film of the late 1980s starring Mohanlal of the same title, Kireedom is an action based family entertainer.

Ajith plays an ordinary young man who loves his family and aspires to become a police officer. Trisha plays his love interest and is a college student. Raj Kiran plays Ajith’s father and an upright policeman. He aspires to see his son become a top cop one day. Raj Kiran and Ajith, it is said, shared a tremendous rapport during the shoot of Kireedom. The movie is set in a small town in Tamil Nadu. A tale of father-son sentiments, the movie has Saranya playing Ajith’s mother. Ajay Kumar, a debutant from Hyderabad plays the villain. Vijay has shot the film extensively in Vishakapatinam, Rajahmundry and Chennai. Says Vijay, “It is not really the remake of Malayalam film Kireedom. Just the theme is inspired by the movie.”

“Working with a seasoned actor like Ajith for my debut film is a great experience. He was very co-operative and has contributed his best. His dedication and commitment to excel in the role deserves special mention,” adds Vijay.

GV Prakash (AR Rahman’s nephew) has come up with five catchy songs for the movie. The young music director hogged the limelight after a successful debut in Veyyil. Thiru has cranked the camera, art is by Selva and editing is by Anthony. Kireedom is expected for release on 1 May, 2007 coinciding with Ajith’s birthday.

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Kireedam: A cover story

February 21, 2007

Kreedam is jointly produced by Sujatha cine arts and Adlabs production. Ajith’s widely expected movie of this year is Kreedam, because his last film Alwar didn’t make any progress so Ajith looks very keen on Kreedam. Stunts are the major plus for the Kreedam, in many sequences Ajith has voluntarily performed in many stunt scenes by avoiding dupes.

In Rajamundari, Ajith & Villan Ajay kumar stunt sequences was shot by the Director for more than 20 days, and another stunt scenes took place in Chennai BMC Mills, for this shot art director Selva Kumar has erected huge sets for the fight scene. In a fight sequence in Vizag, the director has organized 20 people from Kutupatarai to act in stunt sequences. Debutant, director Vijay is fully involved to make a full-length action movie with introducing special effects, especially for stunt sequence he brought Akila crane along with 435 High-speed cameras to shoot the stunt sequences so you can sense the originality of the stunt performance on screen.

Stunt are the major highlight of the movie, at the same time the director has given equal importance to song sequence too. Music is scored by GV Prakash “Vizhil Un Vizil Vandu Vizudan Anda Nodil” song was shot by director in six different costumes in hot-spot locations in Vizag. Other parts of the scenes which involves Trisha and Ajith taken place in and around Vizag, and the director brought huge star cast to feature in the film which will again gain another weight age to the film, Actors Rajkeeran, Saranya Comedy actor Vivek, Deva Darshni Lalitha, Hanifa & Villan Ajay Kumar and one Marathi actor Ravi kella also featuring in prominent roles in the Kreedam.

Behind the screen A.L.Vijay & Na. Muthukumar has penned the Dialogues, Editing is by Antony and Story, Screenplay and Director A.LVijay. The storyrevolves around theRelationship netted by Father-Mother-Son sentiments.

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Can Ajith’s Kireedam match up?

February 7, 2007

It is an ideal, happy home. A police constable father, a mother devoted to her husband and children, an elder son waiting for the final interview to be inducted as a police inspector, and studious younger children. The father dreams of the day he can salute his son.
Everything goes awry when the father gets transferred to a new posting. When the elder son happens to see his father being hit by a goon, he jumps in and gets entangled in a street fight, for the first time in his life. The assailant is badly wounded, and that is the first time anyone in the village has stood up to the goon. Villagers hail the son as the next big hoodlum. Unwittingly, he gets involved in many more street fights and soon his name gets listed as one of the most wanted hoodlums.

This is the story of one of Mohanlal’s most loved Malayalam films, Kireedam. Now, it’s being remade into Tamil by his brother in law Suresh Balaji, with Ajith in the lead. With Kireedam, Adlabs enters the Tamil film world.

The original Kireedam was a film full of pathos, unforgettable moments and amazing performances — by Mohanlal as Sethu, Thilakan as his father and Kaviyoor Ponnamma as his mother.

Mohanlal’s performance was so heart-wrenching that even today, 18 years after the film was made, both young and old still talk about it. The film won the actor his first National Award in the form of a Special Jury award.

The film was such a huge success that producer Unni was christened ‘Kireedam Unni’.
This was one of the first successful Lohitadas scripts, with his favourite theme of individuals getting dragged into situations for no fault of theirs — in Thaniyavarthanam, Bharatam and many more of his films, destiny plays a major role in the lives of the protagonists. Situations arise in such a manner that his characters become just pawns in the hands of a power that is beyond all human understanding.

In Kireedam, Sethu had no control over his life or his future. Director Sibi Malayil and Lohitadas created many such unforgettable films in Malayalam.

The Tamil Kireedam is directed by AL Vijay, onetime assistant to Priyadarshan.

The original film featured many simple family moments, like the mother cooking her son’s favourite food without her husband’s knowledge, and the seemingly hard father shedding a tear for his son when alone.

What is poignant in the film is the love and understanding between the father and the son. Thilakan as the father and Mohanlal as the son really created movie magic.

“In Tamil, we have only Ravi Kiran who can do what Thilakan did in the original,” Suresh Balaji said, about selecting the actor who gave a scintillating performance in Cheran?s Thavamai Thavamirundu.

The love track in the original between Mohanlal and Parvathi (Jayaram’s wife) was quite understated and simple but in the Tamil, it has its strong points, Suresh Balaji told “We have to make changes in the presentation to suit the Tamil audience. The love track will be a little more strong, with songs,” said the producer.

The Malayalam Kireedam did not have any songs except one in the background, Kannuneer poovinte sung by MG Sreekumar. It was with this song that Sreekumar became a name to reckon with, and the voice of Mohanlal.

The Tamil Kireedam soundtrack is by GV Prakash, AR Rahman’s nephew who has had the impressive Veyil and Oram Po to his credit.

If Ajith?s Pongal release Aalkwar was a disaster, following the highly successful Varalaaru, he can take solace in the fact that he will now play a character that is extremely well written and powerful.

With Ravi Kiran, capable of stretching any artist, opposite him, we can expect a solid performance from Ajith.

Even if the Tamil Kireedam is half as good as the original, Ajith can expect a winner on his birthday on May 1, when the film is scheduled to hit the silver screen.

Source: rediff